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Thank you for considering one of the homes or condos we have for rent.

Currently, all units will be available July 1st or as soon there after as we can make them available and all leases are for one year.

We have streamlined the process!
Please find the unit you like on the Rentals page and apply from that same page!

The information below does not apply today if you are applying online.

If you would like to lease a home from Wolfsen Properties we will need a completed renters packet. A Renters packet consists of a renters application and (if a student) a parental guarantee form filled out completely by EVERYONE in your group.  No showings will be scheduled until the packet is complete and delivered.

Please label the packet on the outside with the following:

  1. The address of the units you are interested in.
  2. The contact persons name and phone number for your group.

All correspondence will initially be through this person.

Once your packet is together with all items completed by everyone in your group (the only exception is that SS#'s do not need to be on the documents.) The packet can be dropped off at 2301 Mission St. Suite C-2. The office is located on the corner of Mission and Fair behind the Phoenix Asian Restaurant (close to the west side Safeway). If for some reason the office is closed, there is a mail slot in the door. You can also email the documents. If you choose to email them, for organization, please make sure all documents are attached to one email. Do not have each individual send their own information.

When we have received a completed packet from your group, we will schedule and view the home with your entire group. Only if your group has decided you like it, will we run a credit check on the applicants (or applicants parent is they are a student) and check references.  There is a $16 per person nonrefundable fee for credit checks (At this time we will need Social Security numbers). Again, there is no charge unless you decide you would like to take the unit.

If those items meet with our criteria, we will call the contact person from your group and offer the home to you. If you decide you want the home we will set-up a meeting to review and sign the lease as well as collect the last months rent and deposit (the deposit is an amount equal to one months rent).

No home is taken off the market or guaranteed to any group until the lease has been signed and the last months rent and a deposit is collected. Before keys are furnished to the contact person in your group, the first months rent will need to be paid.

Thank you for your interest and I am happy to answer any questions you may have!

Taylor Wolfsen


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Renters Application
(Any standard renters application will do)

Parental Guarantee
(Our guarantee is required for students)

For questions contact Taylor Wolfsen